Use variables in a test

This topic describes use of test data and project data variables in a useMango™ test.

Test data variable

useMango™ tests can use data variables whenever there is a need to operate with data that may change, either from test run to test run or within the run-time of a test.

A typical use case for a variable is to provide an input parameter for a test. The variable is typically provided with a default value which can be overidden on execution of the test through MangoMotor. This technique is often used when there is a need to execute a test multiple times using different data values each time.

Variables are also frequently used to store values that are retrieved from the application under test during test run-time. These retrieved values are captured in the data variable to be used for verification or as input values for subsequent steps in the test.

Unused test data variables

Many data variables can be created in a test and it’s possible to create data variables that are not used by the test. Variables that are not currently used are indicated by having their name underlined, so that it’s simple to identify and delete them if they are no longer needed.