Provide input values to step parameters

Once a step is added to useMango™ test, input values can be added to the step parameter in the following ways:

  1. Click on the + icon in the test step to add the required parameter to the step.
  2. The input to the parameters can be added in three different ways.
    • As text data:
      1. Click on the field next to the Parameter and type the input into the field. As you finish typing, a drop-down list would appear with the option Text : .
      2. Select the option and click enter to add the input to the parameter.
        After setting data on a parameter, it will be used directly by the test step when the test is executed.
    • As data variable:
      1. Select the test step in which you need to use the data variable. Add the required parameter by clicking on the + icon in the test step.
      2. Either:
      • Click on the Value field of a step parameter and begin typing the Name or Value of the data variable, then select it from the drop down list, or
      • From the list of variables in the Test data panel, drag and drop a variable onto a step parameter, using as the handle.

After assigning a data variable to a parameter, the value of that variable will be used by the test step when the test is executed. Step parameters always use the current value of a variable.