Test Designer

The Test Designer tab is where useMango™ tests are created and displayed.

The page has four panels:

  • Across the top is the name, description and status details of the test. It also consists of name of the user to whom the test is assigned and tags related to the test together with a Close button at the top-right
  • Centrally on the panel contains the ordered list of test steps that make up the test. Steps are numbered and named (displaying the component name too, if different). Other information and controls for the steps are displayed within the step list item depending on status.
  • Test steps can be executed directly from test designer using the controls provided in this panel.
  • The top-right-hand panel contains the list of test data variables, showing their names and values. Adding, removing and editing the data variables in the test can all be carried out in this pane.
  • The bottom-right-hand panel contains the list of parameters available for any composite components that have been added to the test.

Executing test steps

The useMango™ Test Designer is able to execute tests, step-by-step as they are being built. Steps can be run singly or in sequences and the data read from or written to the application under test at each stage is visible as it happens. By observing the application under test as each step is run, the effect can be seen directly and any errors in sequence, identification or in the data provided can be identified.