The useMango™ application runs on workstation PCs running Microsoft Windows 10. Hardware requirements are minimal and the software will run on all devices that meet the operating system’s requirements.

Workstation pre-requisites

The following software components and programs are required to be installed for correct functionality:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Full) , or later. The program installer for useMango™ will install this framework if necessary.

  • Outbound port 443 for secure web access.

In addition to the above, it’s recommended that a good text editor application for code scripting is installed:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • or Notepad++

Web application testing requirements

  • Google Chrome version 86 or higher

Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use for creating tests with useMango™. Other web browser programs (such as Firefox or Edge) may be used when running useMango™ tests.

Browser versions current at the time of release are supported by the WebDriver programs installed with useMango. However, browsers and related drivers are updated frequently so, for compatibility information, reference should be made to the release notes for versions current at time of use.

Oracle E-Business Suite testing requirements

When testing Oracle, useMango™ relies on HP UFT to execute tests. This means that any machine used to execute or design Oracle tests needs to have a supported version of HP UFT installed. Additionally, the patches mentioned below needs to be installed in order to ensure maximum stability and interoperability between useMango™, UFT and the application under test.

  • When using version 11.53 of HP Unified Functional Testing, the following patches are required:

  • Firewall port 5093 should be open if UFT is licensed using a concurrent licence server

  • When installing useMango™, if UFT is already installed, certain registry keys will be configured to allow execution through UFT.

Note that administrator privileges are required to install HP Unified Functional Testing and to make registry changes.

SAP GUI testing requirements

SAP GUI for Windows 730 or later is required. User scripting also needs to be enabled, both on server and on the client side.

SAP GUI Spy mode should be enabled.

useMango™ with Jenkins

useMango™ can be used in conjunction with Jenkins for running useMango™ tests in Jenkins jobs.

Jenkins must be installed on a different machine to useMango. It isn’t possible to run useMango tests on the same machine as the Jenkins server.

Installation of Jenkins requires Java.

See Installing Jenkins for full information.

useMango™ with Microfocus ALM server

useMango™ can be used in cooperation with MicroFocus Application Lifecycle Management and requires a server with the following software installed:

  • MicroFocus Application Lifecycle Management version 12 or later

  • Outbound port 443 or 8080 (or any other port MicroFocus ALM is served on). If the MicroFocus ALM client can be accessed in Internet Explorer then this requirement should already be satisfactorily met.

  • Inbound port 135, required to run tests on the workstation from MicroFocus ALM