View test results in Jenkins

The test results after the Jenkins execution can be accessed through the following methods.

useMango™ Test Results

To view the useMango™ test results:

  1. Go to the project and click on the build number.
  2. Click on the link useMango Test Results.
  3. Click on the test name to open the useMango™ html execution log.

The user must be login to the useMango™ app website to view the execution log.

Test Results Analyzer

The Jenkins plugin Test Results Analyzer allows the user to view the results of the test execution in tabular and graphical format. This plugin was used by enabling the Publish JUnit test results in the Post-build Actions in the project configuration page.

To view the test results, click on the project name on Jenkins. Click on the option Test result analyzer on the left-hand side panel of the page.

Click on Options to filter the different options available to customize the result analyzer.

The Test results analyzer displays the following:

  • Build result history: A table showing build results in the Jenkins project. The number of builds to be displayed can be specified in the Options.
  • Charts: Different charts (line, bar and pie charts) displaying the Build status.