Operating System

  • Windows 10 or newer


Hardware Minimum Requirement Recommended
Logical Processor 2 GHz 2 GHz or more
Memory(RAM) 1 GB 4 GB or more
Number of Cores 2 2 or more.


Software Requirement
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Full) , or later.

Workstation pre-requisites

  • Outbound port 443 for secure web access.
  • It is recommended to have a good text editor application for code scripting like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++

Web application testing

  • Google Chrome version 86 or higher Google Chrome is the recommended; Other web browser programs (such as Firefox or Edge) may also be used.

Mobile application testing

Follow mobile testing requirements guide to install all the requirements for mobile testing.

Oracle E-Business Suite testing

When testing Oracle, useMango™ relies on HP UFT to execute tests. This means that any machine used to execute or design Oracle tests needs to have a supported version of HP UFT installed.

  • Firewall port 5093 should be open if UFT is licensed using a concurrent licence server

  • When installing useMango™, if UFT is already installed, certain registry keys will be configured to allow execution through UFT.

SAP GUI testing

  • SAP GUI for Windows 740 or later is required.

  • User scripting also needs to be enabled, both on server and on the client side.

  • SAP GUI Spy mode should be enabled.

useMango™ with Jenkins

  • useMango™ can be used in conjunction with Jenkins for running useMango™ tests in Jenkins jobs.

  • Jenkins must be installed on a different machine to useMango. Its not possible to run useMango tests on the same machine as the Jenkins server.

  • Installation of Jenkins requires Java.

  • See Installing Jenkins for full information.

useMango™ with Microfocus ALM server

useMango™ can be used in cooperation with MicroFocus Application Lifecycle Management and requires a server with the following software installed:

  • MicroFocus Application Lifecycle Management version 12 or later

  • Outbound port 443 or 8080 (or any other port MicroFocus ALM is served on).

  • Inbound port 135, required to run tests on the workstation from MicroFocus ALM

URLS to be whitelisted


Administrator privileges are required to :

  • Install HP Unified Functional Testing
  • Install Python
  • To make registry changes.