Release April 2021

Version 5.2.187

New in this update

  • A recycle bin for tests has been introduced. Now when a test is deleted from the Test Library it is not removed permanently but instead is transferred to the test recycle bin. Tests in the recycle bin cannot be modified or run. If a deleted test needs to be retrieved then it can be found in the recycle bin and restored to operational status. Alternatively, tests in the recycle bin can be permanently deleted, after which they can no longer be restored.

Bug fixes in this update

  • #5808 - Attempting re-connection to a project after a period of time or after the network connection was interrupted caused the application to close
  • #5896 - The application doesn’t start automatically after installation
  • #5435 - Assigning tests to Nobody caused an ‘User entity not found’ error to be reported
  • #4372 - Administrator-only pages in the app website are displayed for all users (although non-admins can’t use them)