Release July 2023

version 5.4.285

New in this update


Capability to execute multiple datasets

The useMango™ Scenarios term has been renamed to useMango™ Datasets, as it is more appropriate in the context of data-driven testing.

Users can now execute multiple datasets for a test in useMango™. With this feature, we can now drive the executional behavior of the tests using variant data values.

The users can avail the following features while running a test with multiple datasets.

  • Ability to select multiple or all datasets.
  • Ability to cancel the datasets execution.

For more detailed information on using test datasets in useMango™, please refer Using test datasets.

Multiple dataset execution for a test is only available with the V2 engine. With the V1 engine, only single dataset execution is allowed.


Enabling case-Sensitive variable naming in tests

We have introduced improvements to the handling of variable names. With this update, variable names are now case sensitive. This means that variables with names such as “abc” and “ABC” can coexist within the same test without any conflicts or issues.


Enabling case-sensitive parameter naming in tests

We have made enhancements to the handling of test parameters, composite component parameters, and scripted component parameters. With this update, these parameters are now case sensitive, allowing users to create parameters with the same name but different cases. Similar as variable name handling enhancement.

UMDEV-2408 (UM-255)

Allowing tests to have the same name as deleted tests

User can now assign the same name to a test, even if a test with the same name exists in the recycle bin.

When a deleted test is restored and there is already a test with the same name in the test library, the restored test will be renamed with a unique number appended to the name. Similarly, if a test with the same name is found in the recycle bin, the newly deleted test will also be renamed with a number appended to the name.

Bug fixes in this update

UMDEV-3225 (UM-280)

Issue: Description was not editable for scanned components

Fix: The user can now edit the description for scanned components.

UMDEV-2980 (UM-269)

Issue: Wrong branch being selected by junction when dynamic values are passed causing incorrect decision being made.

Fix: Correct decision is taken by the junction based on the decision variable implying correct decision being made

UMDEV-3058 (UM-272)

Issue: When a junction is copied and pasted, the value in the ‘Branch left when value equals to’ field was not editable causing an issue.

Fix: Users now should be able to modify the branch argument even when it is copy pasted.


Issue: An error used to occur when the user pressed the down arrow key in the parameter and variable panel in a useMango test.

Fix: Error is handled internally by useMango.


Issue: Filters in component selector were not working as intended. when multiple filters were selected only the first filter used to get applied.

Fix: All filter events are now handled and are executed in sequence. so the user will see all the filters applied.