Release November 2020

Version 5.2.146

Bug fixes in this update

  • #3952 - Custom component last modified information was not always updated in the application display when changes in the component were made.
  • #2610 - useMango app reported an error when running a test with no steps.
  • #4863 - Log entries produced by custom components were not displayed in the Test Designer.
  • #3716 - useMango app listed obsolete tests in the Test Library by default.
  • #4937 - Execution reports did not display in Chrome browsers.
  • #4940 - The Chrome browser could not be found on machines in which Chrome v86 was freshly-installed.
  • #4947 - The default script in a scripted component did not run correctly.
  • #4897 - Execution report did not display long parameter arguments well.
  • #4853 - When a required Ruby gem was not installed, steps could fail but report that they passed.
  • #4930 - The app installer download button stopped working in the Chrome browser.
  • #5030 - useMango app did not fully display long test names when listed in the Test Library.
  • #5029 - useMango app - The cursor in the Test Library search box jumped unexpectedly when typing.