Release January 2024

Version 5.4.347

New in this update


Capability to execute Test with Different environment

In our latest release, we’re allowing you to harness the power of environment variables with distinct values tailored to your current environment. We have added new Sidepanel item for managing environment and environment variables , we’ve also provided a control at the bottom of sidebar where you can change the execution environment while executing test within that project.

A default environment is automatically generated for each project, this default environment can be changed by account administrator on the app website.

For more detailed information on using environments in useMango™, please refer Working with Environment.

Bug fixes in this update

UMDEV-5570 (UM-349)

Issue: Tooltip shows old parameter value instead of current parameter value when parameter value is changed.

Fix: Tooltip now displays the correct parameter value on change of parameter value.

UMDEV-5695 (UM-352)

Issue: Reports are not shown properly on app website for failing tests.

Fix: Reports are now displayed correctly on app website for failing tests.

UMDEV-5708 (UM-363)

Issue: The composite component fails to set the output to the specified test variable.

Fix: The composite component sets the output to the specified test variable correctly.