Release June 2023

version 5.4.274

New in this update


Tagging support for Composite Components

Users can now add tags to composite components. The composite component library has also been updated to allow filtering through the list by tag names.

Tags created for composite components can be used by tests and vice versa.


Ruby Upgrade

Ruby is now upgraded to version 3.0.4. The gems installed by the user in old Ruby are updated to the latest versions.

Components Changed:

  1. LaunchRemoteWebBrowser:
    • Native Events argument is removed.

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: Fix loading of tests that have a large number of steps in test designer.

Fix: Users should now be able to design tests with a large number of steps.


Issue: The test library scrolls automatically when switched to another project.

Fix: The test library should now reset back to the top of the list when switching to another project.


Issue: Test execution report would not show values of all parameter types supported by useMango.

Fix: The execution reports should now show values of all supported parameter types.

Images will only be displayed in reports generated after this release.

UMDEV-2263 (UM-253)

Issue: Web-WaitForElement would not work with page title.

Fix: We have now introduced a new optional parameter called isVisible to the following standard components:

  1. Web-WaitForElement
  2. Web-ReadText
  3. Web-VerifyElementText
  • The isVisible parameter is set to true by default and the component will search for a rendered element on the page using the identifier provided.
  • Setting the parameter value to false will make the component search for an element even if it is not rendered on the page.

UMDEV-2381 (UM-256)

Issue: Unable to delete a scripted component that shows no usage.

Fix: The scripted component library now shows correct usage of components and allows deletion if they are unused.


Issue: SwitchBrowserWindowOrTab component doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge

Fix: The component now works in Microsoft Edge. This was dependent on the Ruby Upgrade.


Issue: MaximizeWebBrowser component is not working for Microsoft Edge

Fix: The component now works in Microsoft Edge. This was dependent on the Ruby Upgrade.