Find tests

Ensure that you are in the folder where you want to find the tests. To learn more about folders, click here.

Find the tests in a particular folder you want to work within the Test Library using the following methods:

To search for tests by name

  1. Type your search text into the Search test by name box to restrict the displayed list of tests only to those whose name contains the given text.
  2. Multiple search terms can be entered by separating them with a space. Only tests whose name contains every search term will be displayed.

To display tests in a selected status

  1. Click the Tests tab.
  2. Click Status list box and select a status to display only the tests in the related status.
    If none of the status options are selected, then tests of all statuses are included in the displayed list.

To display tests assigned to a specific user

  1. Click the Tests tab.
  2. Select a user from the Assignee list box.
  3. Select Nobody to display tests that are not assigned to an individual.
  4. Select Anybody to display tests assigned to any user or to nobody.

To display tests by tags

  1. Click the Tests tab.
  2. Click on the Tag list box and select a tag to display all only the tests related to the tag.
  3. Not selecting any tags would display all the tests in the library

To change the sort order of the listed tests

  1. Click the Tests tab.
  2. Choose either Name or Date from the Sort by list box. The listed tests will be displayed in the chosen sort order.

To clear all the filters in the Test Library

  1. Click on Show all button to display all the tests in the Test library.

To show the full list of tests again, click Show all.