Release February 2023

version 5.4.240

New in this update

  • useMango snipping tool - Users can now take a screenshot of a portion of the screen using the built-in snipping tool as an additional method of providing an image to the image identifier variables.

  • Removal of the compatibility manager and auto engine selection as Oracle components can now be executed in the V2 engine.

  • Improved framework update functionality.

Bug fixes in this update

  • #7901 - SwitchBrowserWindow standard component does not work properly on Firefox.
  • #8466 - Cannot search tests with special characters even though test name includes special characters.
  • #9230 - Restoration of a test having deleted component kills useMango app.
  • #9407 - Selecting the infrastructure box in Component selector will show all useMango components regardless of what other filters are selected.
  • #9854 - Steps not shown to pass or fail when test cancelled halfway through or if step fails in V2.