Release April 2022

Version 5.3.263

New in this update

  • Added new component selector
  • Improved app configuration
  • Added new user onboarding flow The new user flow guides a user from their starting point through a series of stages that lead to a successful conclusion and end action, such as demonstrating how to perform a test.
  • Email verification UI for the trial user first time experience The app’s email verification feature makes a user’s task easier by doing an email verification with a single click of a button. It sends a verification email with a verification code that can be entered on the useMango app website to verify the email.
  • Improved web driver update mechanism

Bug fixes in this update

  • #8320 - Second step in animation tutorial freezes usemango
  • Task 8293 - Bug fixes in user onboarding flow
  • #8121 - Component naming convention is not in a standard format
  • #8103 - ChromeDriver version incompatibility error
  • #8087 - The Parameters and variables panels should be disabled in the new test page
  • Updated azure-pipelines.yml for Azure Pipelines
  • #3967 - Warning message not shown while deleting a used test parameter
  • #7742 - Unable to set engine VBScript HP UFT for a scripted component
  • Added default filter parameters to prevent reloading of initial test list
  • #8373 - Updating the account name causes problem about showing the tests of different projects.