Release February 2021

Version 5.2.156

New in this update

A new data type Mobile identifier has been introduced. This adds support for working with identifiers for native mobile applications. Mobile identifiers can be created both in Project Variables and in Test Variables.

The version of chromedriver.exe shipped with useMango has been updated to version 89.0.

Bug fixes in this update

  • #4894 - Cancelling a running step causes errors in subsequent execution
  • #3945 - Selecting the Web identifier data type as filter lists all the identifiers
  • #3652 - Filtering test on “Nobody” does not shows any results
  • #4448 - Project not listed in the app eventhough it is available in the website
  • #5559 - Installing Gem throws error on fresh installation
  • #5564 - Secret Data usage in test step fails
  • #3680 - Component VerifyWebElement is now obsolete and replaced by Web-VerifyElementText
  • #4601 - Gems and drivers not installed during useMango installation
  • #5586 - WIN32OLE object error occurs when running certain standard components or usage of secret type project data after upgrading Ruby to 2.7.2
  • #3965 - Deleting a used output parameter: The step parameter that used to reference that is not displayed