Release December 2023

Version 5.4.336

New in this update

UMDEV-4247 & UMDEV-3685

Reuse unchanged linked artefact while cloning of Test(s) across Projects

Expanding on the test cloning feature introduced in the October 2023 release, we’ve taken further steps to enhance the process. Now, during the cloning of tests across projects, users are given the option to reuse unchanged artefacts in the destination project.

In instances where an artefact already exists in the destination project and remains unaltered in both the source and destination projects, it will be intelligently reused. This choice is designed to optimise efficiency and reduce redundancy. Conversely, when changes are identified, the system will seamlessly generate new copies of the linked artefacts.


Enhancement of multiple dataset execution & reporting through Jenkins

When the “Run with datasets” option is chosen in a Jenkins job, it triggers a single execution in useMango for tests with multiple datasets (previously, it would initiate one execution per dataset of the test). This process generates a comprehensive report summarizing all individual dataset executions in a unified document. Users also have the option to view or download individual dataset execution reports as needed.

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: Last modified of scripted component was not updated when a parameter was added or modified.

Fix: The scripted component’s last modified gets updated correctly on parameter addition or modification.

UMDEV-4208 (UM-316)

Issue: Jenkins jobs hangs when running useMango tests.

Fix: Process management is improved to ensure that Jenkins jobs do not hang.

UMDEV-5481 (UM-343)

Issue: Unable to access the execution history time series in reports tab of the useMango website.

Fix: The execution history time series is now displayed properly in reports tab of the useMango website.

UMDEV-5199 (UM-334)

Issue: The decision variable value of a junction is not displayed in useMango reports.

Fix: The decision variable value is now properly displayed in useMango reports.

UMDEV-5003 (UM-284)

Issue: Junction fails when both branches are empty in execution engine V2.

Fix: The junction now executes successfully even when both branches are empty in execution engine V2.

UMDEV-5517 (UM-346)

Issue: When running tests in Jenkins, the report links provided in the console log redirect to the project dashboard instead of the correct execution report. Additionally, for failed test cases, no report link is provided, and only a generic error message is shown.

Fix: Links in the Jenkins console log appropriately lead to the specific execution report. In the case of failed test cases, the console log now displays the relevant report link instead of a generic error message.


Issue: Tests do not execute in execution engine V2 when they contain composite components inside nested junctions.

Fix: Tests now run successfully in execution engine V2 even when they contain composite components inside nested junctions.


Issue: The Composite component step is displayed as passed, even when a step inside it fails.

Fix: Correct step execution status is displayed for the composite component in the designer.


Issue: Browser window opened by LaunchRemoteWebBrowser remains open even after test execution has ended.

Fix: The browser window opened by LaunchRemoteWebBrowser now correctly closes after the test execution has ended.