Add parameters to a composite component

Composite components are user-created components that are composed from a sequence of components and data. Composite components have parameters that correspond to some of the parameters of its inner components, which are defined when the group is created.

To add parameters to a composite component:

  1. Click Components tab and then click Composite tab on the top of the window.
  2. Open the composite component you want to add the parameters to. In this example, let’s add parameters to the composite component InfuseTitle.
  3. Click on the + icon on the Parameters area to add the parameters.
  4. Both Input and Output parameters can be added to the oomponent. Input can be added as text data, secret data and web identifier whereas Output parameter is text data.
  5. To add parameters:
    • To add Input parameter, select Input as Direction and select the Type. Click Create.
    • To add Output parameter, select Output as Direction and select the Type. Click Create.
  6. Click on the Parameter name Unnamed Parameter to rename the parameter.
  7. Add the parameters to the steps they are related to. In this example,
    • the parameter Output is added as output parameter for step 5 in the sequence. The parameter serves as an output variable for the component Web-ReadtText.
    • the parameter Input is added as input parameter for step 6 in the sequence. The parameter serves as an input variable for the component VerifyText.
  8. Close and reopen the test which uses the composite component.
  9. Add the variables to the component parameters.