Release October 2023

Version 5.4.308

New in this update


Cloning of Tests across Projects

Prior to this update, test cloning was restricted to within a single project. However, we have now expanded this capability to allow the cloning of tests across different projects. When you clone a test across projects, all associated resources, such as composite/scripted/scanned components, data variables, etc., are also cloned in the target project.

Please note that this feature is exclusively accessible to account administrators via the useMango™ app website.

A new Settings tab has been added on the app website, from where account administrators can clone tests by selecting the

  • Source project
  • Tests to be cloned from the source project
  • Destination project to which tests will be cloned

Here is a video demonstration that walks you through the process of cloning tests from one project to another.


Reporting for Multi-Dataset executions

In version 5.4.285, we introduced the ability to execute multiple datasets in useMango. With this latest release we are offering the capability to view and download consolidated report for multi-dataset execution.

In the test library, a new icon has been added to differentiate multi-dataset executions. Clicking on the icon will display the consolidated report of all the datasets executed on useMango website.

Users now have the ability to obtain a PDF-format summary report for the execution of multiple datasets, with each dataset’s summary report included.

For more detailed information on using test datasets in useMango™, please refer Using test datasets.

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: Improve security of the Analysis Service.

Fix: We have implementated additional security measures in the analysis service.


Issue: Incorrect display of the usage count of the project variables.

Fix: This issue has been handled to display correct usage count of the project variables.


Issue: VerifySAPCalendar standard component does not Pass or Fail.

Fix: The VerifySAPCalendar standard component now shows the correct execution result.


Issue: SelectSAPGridCell standard component does not Pass or Fail.

Fix: The SelectSAPGridCell standard component now shows the correct execution result.


Issue: SetSAPCalendar standard component shows wrong execution result.

Fix: SetSAPCalendar standard component now shows the correct execution result.


Issue: ClickSAPButton standard component fails to identify button with identifier.

Fix: ClickSAPButton standard component correctly identifies button with identifiers.