Using test parameters

A test parameter is a variable that can be assigned a value outside the scope of the test. Using test parameters increase the flexibility of tests by enabling them to execute the same test repeatedly with different data each time. Test parameters enable tests to be written abstractly as they act as placeholders for actual values.

Create a test parameter

  1. Click on the ‘Click to add a parameter (+)’ icon present in the Parameters panel.
  2. A test parameter of type ‘text’ with default name is added to the test.

Edit a test parameter

  1. Click on the desired test parameter to edit the name, value or description.
  2. Type required text to edit the variable name, value or description.
  3. Press ENTER or TAB key to save changes.

Delete a test parameter

Move the mouse pointer to the test parameter name and click cross mark (x) to delete the test parameter.

Assign test parameter to a test step

  1. Select the test step in which the test parameter is needed.

  2. Press ENTER key or Double click on the test step to open the test step editor.

  3. To assign the test parameter to the test step, either

    a. Click on the Value field of a step parameter and begin typing the Name or Value of the test parameter, then select it from the drop-down list

    b. From the list of parameters in the Parameters panel, drag and drop the test parameter onto a step parameter, using as the handle.

  4. The test parameter is now assigned to the test step.

Unassign test parameter to a test step parameter

Click on the bin icon next to the field of a test step parameter present in the test step editor to unassign a test parameter.