Creating a composite step

Composite components are user-defined components that are composed of a sequence of test steps that have been set up in a test. Composite components represent a multi-step process as a single reusable test step and can expedite the creation of tests that contain a repeated sequence of test steps.

Composite components have variables and properties associated with them. The composite component parameters correspond to the parameters of its inner components and are defined during component creation.

Creating a composite component

To create a composite component in a test.

  1. Select a list of steps from a test sequence.
  2. Click on the Compose the list of selected elements into a composite component icon present in the flowchart toolbar.
  3. Click Compose on the Create a composite component pop-up.
  4. A new pop-up Name the new component appears.
  5. Rename for the new component and click Submit.

A new composite component is created and used as a test step, and the test displays the composite component instead of the selected test steps.

Expanding a composite component

To expand a composite component in a test.

  1. Select a composite component present in the test.
  2. Click on the Expand the selected composite step icon in the flowchart toolbar menu item.

The composite component is now ungrouped and the test displays all the steps present inside the composite component instead of the composite step.