Using a Junction

The useMango™ allows conditional execution of test steps. This can be done with a Junction. A Junction has two Branches which acts as two sequences of test steps. Any Branch of two can be executed on the basis of a Decision Variable. The decision of executing specific Branch is made by matching the value of Decision Variable with defined Branch arguments.

Adding a Junction in a Test

In the useMango™ Test Designer

  1. Insert a new Junction, either by clicking the ‘Insert an element’ toolbar item or by right-clicking on the connector lines.
  2. Create a text Variable. Value of this variable can be altered by earlier test steps.
  3. Open the Junction Editor and provide the newly created variable as Decision Variable.
  4. Set value for “Branch left when equals to” with desired value. useMango will execute left branch if value of Decision Variable matches with this value. Otherwise test steps in Right Branch will be executed.