Release May 2024

Version 5.4.394

New in this update


Capability to clone projects in the same Account

We have introduced a new feature that allows users to clone projects within an account. This feature ensures that all artifacts within a project are copied to the newly cloned project.

For more information about Cloning of Projects, click here.


Verify ACLs for all useMango services

We have strengthened the security of our services by ensuring that only the required ACLs are present across all services within our system.

UMDEV-7476 (UM-399)

Issue: Updates to composite component parameters were not propagated in all composite component usages in a test.

Fix: Updates to composite component parameters are now reflected in all composite component instances in a test.


Issue: Improper error messages displayed when handling non-permitted special characters

Fix: Improved error messages when non-permitted special characters are used in the app.