Release August 2023

Version 5.4.300

New in this update


Capability to rename a project

Users now have the ability to rename a project. For more detailed information on using projects in useMango™, please refer Managing projects in useMango™.

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: The GetSAPCheckBox component failed to set the output variable.

Fix: The GetSAPCheckBox component has been updated to correctly set the output variable.

UMDEV-3842 (UM-300)

Issue: The execution report page showed incorrect breadcrumbs when opened from the app.

Fix: The breadcrumbs on the execution report page now correctly display the account name, project name, and test name.

UMDEV-3736 (UM-292)

Issue: It was not possible to clear the description of test parameters.

Fix: The description of test parameters can now be cleared.


Issue: Clicking rapidly on checkboxes in the Components tab triggered an error.

Fix: The error that occurs when rapidly clicking on checkboxes in the Components tab has been internally handled to ensure a smooth user experience.


Issue: The number of composite components displayed varies when switching projects.

Fix: The app now always shows the correct number of composite components.


Issue: All tests were not displayed in the test library.

Fix: All tests are now correctly displayed in the test library.


Issue: Web-VerifyElementIsNotVisible component incorrectly passed even in cases where the element is visible.

Fix: Web-VerifyElementIsNotVisible component is repaired to ensure it passes only when the element is not visible.


Issue: Cancelling a test before any step has started execution threw an error in app.

Fix: Handled the case wherein a test was cancelled before any step begun execution. Cancellation of a test can now be triggered anytime during its execution.


Issue: Composite component parameters are not properly displayed in the execution report.

Fix: Composite component parameters of all types — text, web, mobile and image identifiers are reported properly with secrets being displayed as asterisks.

UMDEV-3158 (UM-276)

Issue: Unable to view screenshot of failed step in some reports.

Fix: Users should now be able to view screenshots of failed steps in all reports.

UMDEV-3100 (UM-274)

Issue: Usage count of data variable not updating when cloning a test that uses it.

Fix: Usage count is now updated correctly when cloning a test that uses the data variable.


Issue: Variable, Parameter and Data Variable references are retained in junction arguments even after removing it.

Fix: Fixed behavior of removing arguments from junction steps.


Issue: Incompatibility with Google Chrome versions > 115 when running web tests.

Fix: Fixed behaviour of interacting with Google Chrome for newer versions.

UMDEV-3887 (UM-304)

Issue: Actions in scanned components get duplicated when the step is copy pasted.

Fix: Step arguments are now correctly referenced when a scanned component step is copy pasted.