Create a composite component from a step sequence

This topic describes how to create a composite component from a sequence of steps in a test. Once a composite component is created, the steps in the test from which it was created will be replaced immediately by a single new step using the new composite component.

Prerequisites: Definition of steps to be grouped

  • Composite components are created from a continuous sequence of steps that have been set up in a test. It’s necessary to first build an appropriate test that uses all of the steps that are needed in the group.
  • Data variables that are required in the composite component must be set on the parameters of the source steps before they are grouped.
  • Before converting a sequence of steps into a composite component, run them first to verify that they operate as expected.

To create a grouped component

  1. Select in the list of steps the first step to be grouped.
  2. Hold down SHIFT and click on the last step to be grouped.
  3. Click on Compose Icon.
  4. Click the “Compose” button provided in the confirmation dialog box.
  5. Type a name for the grouped component into the Name box.
  6. Click Submit.

The composite component will be created and used in a new step in the test that replaces the original steps that were grouped.