Create a scanned component in useMango™

This topic describes how to scan a business application form to produce a scanned component that subsequently be used to automate that form in a useMango™ test.

To create a scanned component

  1. Open the business application for which tests are being created through useMango™ .
  2. In the business application, navigate to the form or page for which the scanned component is required.
  3. In useMango™ , click the Components tab and click on the option Scanned in the components page.
  4. Select the application technology of the business application - Oracle Forms or SAP GUI.
  5. Click on the Scan split-button to switch to scan mode, in which the useMango™ scanner window is displayed.
  6. Click Scan to scan the current form.
  7. Additional forms can be scanned by navigating to the next page in the business application and clicking Scan again.
  8. Click Save & return to create components for each of the scanned forms and close the useMango™ Scanner Window.