What is useMango™?

useMango™ is a system for creating and running automated tests for software applications. More specifically, useMango™ is

  • designed for business process testing
  • good at testing applications via their user interface
  • capable of testing both Web and Windows applications
  • scriptless and easy to use - suitable for both technical and non-technical users

System Parts

There are several different parts to the useMango™ system, that are used together to provide the overall testing capability.

useMango™ System Diagram

The parts are as follows:

  • useMango™ Service
    This is a web service hosted by useMango™, providing overall control to the system and secure storage for all tests, components and scripts.
  • useMango™ App
    The application runs on users' PCs allowing users to create, maintain and execute tests.
  • Mango Motor
    The program used to execute useMango™ tests, which is installed with the application on users' PCs.
  • useMango™ Chrome Extension
    Extension to the Chrome browser that helps users to create and manage identifiers for web elements.
  • useMango™ Jenkins Plugin (optional)
    Plugin for Jenkins CI that supports easy batch execution of tests, either on demand or as part of a CI pipeline.
  • useMango™ - ALM Synchronizer (optional)
    Program that creates references to useMango tests in MicroFocus ALM, so that tests can be managed and run using ALM’s capabilities.
  • Test management or continuous integration system (optional)
    A system chosen by the user for test management or for continuous integration, which can connect to useMangoTM to execute tests as required. Examples of such systems are MicroFocus ALM and Jenkins CI.