Inspect a scanned component

This section describes how to use the component screenshot and magnifier to find controls/parameters.

Any form scanned with useMango™ is saved with a screenshot of the form. This is done to make it easier to find controls on the page. In most cases, the controls detected are possible to lay out on the screenshot which enables you to click the control in the image and thereby selecting the related parameter. This works in all places scanned component screenshots are used, the test designer, component library or manual mapping screen.

To inspect and select component parameters/controls

  1. Hover over the scanned component screenshot.
  2. If the screenshot is being scaled down to a lot, useMango™ will display a magnifier showing the hovered part of the screenshot in scale 1:1. (attach screenshot)
  3. Click the control in the screenshot, it should now get selected in the parameter/control list and display a red highlight in the image.

    Some forms use non-standard elements to display controls which makes it impossible for useMango™ to correctly determine their positions. In these cases the controls may be positioned slightly wrong or not at all in the screenshots.

Selecting controls in the list

The component parameter/control list is linked to the highlights in the screenshot, so if you are unsure of what actual control in the view a parameter relates to, select it in the list and inspect the screenshot which should, in most cases, display a red highlight for the selected component.