Release May 2023

version 5.4.255

New in this update


We have a new Standard Component ReadFile that allows users to read the content of a text file located at a specified filepath on their system and saves it to an output variable. It supports text files upto 10KB in size and can handle UTF 8 (with or without BOM) and UTF-16(both little-endian and big-endian) encodings. It is Compatible with file formats like .txt, .csv, .json, and more.

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: useMango opens 2 windows.

Fix: Users will no longer experience the issue of multiple windows opening.


Issue: Tests with scripted components that used default values for WebIdentifier, Secret and ImageIdentifier would not run and give no feedback.

Fix: Case for default values is handled and will now work.


Issue: In app website long messages in execution reports were displayed in a tooltip and were not copy-able/selectable.

Fix: The error message can now be fully expanded and can be copied/selected.


Issue: Step numbering is incorrect for skipped steps in composite components in V2 reports.

Fix: The skipped steps are shown in the report and numbered according to their order in the composite component.


Issue: Unable to copy values of output variables of steps previously ran in Test designer.

Fix: Values of all the output variables can be copied now once the Test has finished executing.


Issue: Unable to edit the description of scripted components

Fix: The scripted components description is now editable. The description will get saved once the focus from description text box is lost.


Issue: Standard Components CloseBrowserWindow, VerifyWebList and SwitchBrowserWindow had misleading descriptions and titles.

Fix: Improved component description and titles for the following Standard Components:

  • CloseBrowserWindow is now titled as CloseBrowserTab.
  • VerifyWebList is now titled as VerifyWebSelectList.
  • SwitchBrowserWindow is now titled as SwitchBrowserWindowOrTab.


Issue: Using Tribal-GetTextRelativeToImage Component the user was unable to precisely project the area from where they want to read the text.

Fix: Tribal-GetTextRelativeToImage Component now accepts float values in addition to integer values for parameters Vertical and Horizontal Percentages, allowing users to precisely project the area from where they want to read the text.


Issue: A user can view an execution report regardless of the accounts/projects they belong to.

Fix: A user can now only view the execution report of the accounts/projects they belong to.


Issue: Double-clicking on the checkbox in the test library would open a test.

Fix: Double-clicking on the checkbox will no longer open a test. Instead, it will simply select or deselect the test.


Issue: Rescanning a scanned component whose name contains special characters throws an error.

Fix: Special characters are handled while rescanning components.


Issue: When the component selector was opened and the network was disconnected, clicking on “Try to reopen project” would cause the useMango app to crash.

Fix: The useMango app now successfully recovers when the network is restored.


Issue: When a tag was removed from a test, it was not possible to add the same tag again. The list of tags would not refresh unless the test was reopened.

Fix: It is now possible to add a previously removed tag again without reopening the test.


Issue: The execution detailed report did not display any error messages.

Fix: Error messages are now displayed in the execution detailed report.