Release April 2023

version 5.4.247

Bug fixes in this update


Issue: Composite Component ‘Search by name’ is inconsistent.

Fix: Improved composite components tab search behaviour.


Issue: Components with same name are allowed and this causes issues in identifying the desired component while selecting a step.

Fix: Creation of components with the same name and type are disallowed with an appropriate message. Components with same names can exist only if they are of different types. Scanning the same SAP/Oracle page multiple times now appends a number to each component to prevent errors and improve scanning reliability.

UM-178, UM-223, UM-224, UM-226

Issue: Web Identifier type variables were not supported as input parameters, only identifiers in text format were supported.

Fix: We can now pass the web identifier variables as identifier parameters for all the below components.

For all of the following components, there are now two ways to pass container information. Either through the identifier parameter (Includes frame part of the WebIdentifier type variable) or the container parameter. The frame locator that was passed in the identifier parameter will take precedence when both are passed.

Affected components:

  1. GetRowCountWebTable
  2. VerifyWebRadioGroup
  3. SetWebTableCell
  4. VerifyWebCheckbox
  5. GetWebTableCell
  6. VerifyWebTableCell
  7. ScrollToWebElement
  8. GetColumnCountWebTable
  9. VerifyWebList
  10. GetRowWithCellTextWebTable

The VerifyWebRadioGroup component now supports all locator strategies instead of just accepting the name attribute. The identifiers passed should be of the form: name=radio-group-name


Issue: Tests filtered using Tags, Status and Assignee were not displayed correctly.

Fix: Duplicates of tests or components will not be shown in the test library or component explorer when utilizing filters and scrolling rapidly.


Issue: The Shortcut Keys component requires Num Lock to be enabled on the keyboard.

Fix: The Shortcut Keys component works irrespective of Num Lock Status.


Issue: The Screenshots are not captured automatically when a test step fails while Accessing SITS.

Fix: When a Tribal-SITS step fails during test execution, a screenshot of the screen is taken.


Issue: The Tribal-WriteText component does not support Secret datatype as input, only supports text data.

Fix: The Tribal-WriteText component now accepts Secret datatype as input.