Release September 2023

Version 5.4.305

New in this update


Enhanced password guidelines in useMango

In the previous version, the useMango password policy was relatively lenient, mandating only a minimum password length of 10 characters. To enhance security and safeguard our users' accounts, we have now introduced a stronger password policy.

New Password Policy:

  • Minimum Length: Password must contain at least 16 characters.

  • Uppercase Letter Requirement: Passwords must include at least 1 uppercase letter.

  • Lowercase Letter Requirement: Passwords must include at least 1 lowercase letter.

  • Password must not contain leading or trailing spaces.

This policy update will not impact existing users but will be applicable to all new sign-ups and any password changes made after this release.


Input sanitization implemented in Analysis Service

We’ve strengthened security in our analysis service by implementing input sanitization, reducing the risk of processing undesirable data from client inputs.


Enhanced security for storing sensitive information

We’ve implemented changes to fortify the security of code secrets used in encrypting sensitive data, ensuring their secure storage and access.

Bug fixes in this update

UMDEV-3098 (UM-273)

Issue: useMango assigns random variables when a composite component is expanded.

Fix: When exploding a composite component, correct variables are now assigned.


Issue: useMango is un-responsive after dragging and dropping test parameter to step parameter.

Fix: This issue has been handled to ensure a smooth user experience.