Release March 2021

Version 5.2.181

New in this update

  • When opening a project in the application, the Test Library is now always displayed.
  • Updated report format - tidier presentation of sub-steps within a composite step.

Behind the scenes - Previously, the useMango app would find out about changes made to tests in the cloud by repeatedly requesting the useMango test service to send all recent changes. This was inefficient, slow and occasionally missed events - causing the app to report errors. From this version, the app now subscribes to the test service, which publishes all changes as they happen. Benefits from this change include a slightly more responsive application and much greater reliability and fewer reported errors.

Bug fixes in this update

  • #5024 - Trying to add variable sometime require to restart useMango
  • #5434 - Test Variables - Unable to delete a test variable
  • #5435 - Unable to delete a duplicated test variable