Setup useMango credentials in Jenkins for V2

This guide will help you in setting up the secret useMangoApiKey credentials that the Jenkins Pipeline script will need to retrieve useMango™ tests from your account:

  1. On the Jenkins home page, in the left panel, click Manage Jenkins. Scroll down until you reach the Security section.
  2. Under Stores scoped to Jenkins, click on Domain and select global.
  3. Click the (global) which you just set and you will be taken to Global credentials (unrestricted) page.
  4. Click Add Credentials on the left.
  5. Select the SecretText option from the Kind dropdown.
  6. Select Global from the Scope dropdown.
  7. Enter your useMango™ account API Key in the Secret field.
  8. Enter the value useMangoApiKey in the ID field.
  9. Click OK to save the credentials.