Select an execution engine

Selecting the execution engine

Until now, tests in useMango™ only supported the execution of Ruby and VBScript components using the Mango Motor (denoted by V1) execution engine.

However, we have recently built a new execution engine, Script Engine (denoted by V2), that can run Python, Ruby, and VBScript components. Users can now run their tests using one of the two execution engines, with V2 being the default choice in useMango™.

Despite the fact that V2 has been thoroughly tested by us, there may be a rare occasion when it encounters any problems. To compensate for this, we are keeping V1 as an execution engine alternative so that customers can use it as a fallback option if there are any issues until the team can fix them.

Please keep in mind that the execution engine V1 will be deprecated shortly, hence it is advised that you run your tests using V2.

Any attempt to run a test containing Python components using execution engine V1 would fail since V1 does not support Python component execution. Change the execution engine to V2 if your test contains Python components.

To select the execution engine,

  1. Launch the useMango™ application.

  2. In the left panel, click on the Settings item.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom until you find a section labelled Execution Engine.

  4. We’ve provided a dropdown menu for users to choose their preferred execution engine.

This is an app-level setting, so the selected execution engine will run all of the app’s tests.